Meet Richard Brown –

He gave us our name


Brown’s Run, the little stream that gave our club its name, has a history that goes back to the Revolutionary War period. According to local history, Richard Brown was a member of a party of settlers, led by Army Col. Samuel Hawkins, which in 1789 was heading to Kentucky; but they ended up in Ohio’s Twin Creek Valley instead; now a part of our own Madison Township, this valley remains one of the most picturesque in Ohio.

In 1801 the land was surveyed by the new government and offered for sale. Brown bought a sizeable piece along a rivulet that in time was to become known as Brown’s Run. Richard Brown settled there hunting, trapping and building his legacy during the early 1800’s. Eventually, this land was developed into what we know as a “working farm”.

Brown’s Run was established in 1956 when a group of Middletonians utilized the rolling terrain of the Niderdale Dairy Farm to build a golf course, in a country-setting. For over 60 years, Brown’s Run has provided generations of enjoyment to families. A full service Clubhouse, Tru Har Tennis courts and an Olympic size, outdoor swimming pool complete the amenities enjoyed by members for well over half a century. Brown’s Run is where families come to play!