Women's Instructional Programs
Women’s Novice and/or Advance Novice Classes A series of 5 week lessons that will cover basic information on etiquette, rules, golf programs available at the club, instruction, on-course instruction and playing lessons. The Novice program is designed for those golfers who have limited knowledge of the game but wish to expand on that knowledge. Approximately 50% of participant’s time will be spent in class sessions reviewing basic rules, etiquette and general knowledge about golf, items that will encourage you to play and not stay away from the course out of fear you’ll do something wrong. We will spend time on the driving range, putting green, chipping green and on the course itself. Owning your own clubs is not necessary to participate since clubs can be provided. To register call the golf shop at 423-6291.This program has been very popular in the past. Participants have said the instruction has been valuable in breaking down the intimidation of the golf course while enhancing your golfing skills.
Junior Program
A series of programs conducted throughout the summer. The programs last one weeks and offer comprehensive instruction on the game, its rules and safety on the course while keeping it fun.
The five-day instructional program will follow these criteria:

  1. Etiquette / Safety and Rules
  2. Putting
  3. Chipping and sand shots
  4. The full swing
  5. Skills test including a one-hole scramble and evaluation
Individual Instruction
The lesson plan is customized to the individual need and may include: Equipment analysis and fitting, putting, short game techniques, full swing mechanics, power generation, course management, learning how to practice and when to practice.