Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder Mystery Dinner

                                          Starts at 6:30! 

Brown’s Run Niderdale Event Center and Cincinnati’s The Murder Mystery Co. are partnering up to turn an average get-together into an affordable and unforgettable experience everyone can be a part of!

Tickets are $25 per person. Includes one (1) complimentary house wine or a beer. Purchasing your tickets online will require an additional credit card processing fee and your tickets will be available for will call in the office or tickets will be available to purchase at Brown’s Run prior to the event. Tavern 56 will be open for Dinner service. We encourage you to purchase an appetizer or meal while you enjoy the show. Please arrive early for pre-show mingling, get your table with your group or find a crowd and jump right in.

Dressing up in costume in accordance to your theme is NOT mandatory in any way, but is encouraged. It creates a more entertaining and fun performance experience, and enhances the environment of your show for both you and your guests.

When you arrive and are settled in for the event, the actors will be freely mingling with them. At this time, the actors will explain the rules of the murder mystery to small groups of your guests. Don’t worry, if a guest does not receive an explanation from your actors, whatever the reason, the actors will also do a presentational version of the rules for everyone at the start of the show. It is also during this time that all of the suspects in the show will be chosen from amongst your guests.

The party guests cooperate to investigate the murder and uncover key clues. As a guest, you also have the chance to become a suspect. By the end of the party, you and your team will try to guess who did it, how they did it, and why they did it.

You should keep an eye out for hints about the killer’s motive and opportunity that only the guilty suspect could have.

The Show! The murder mystery performance is about 2 hours in duration, and typically takes place around a meal. The performance is broken into 3 acts, and 2 investigation times. The investigation times follow both act 1 and act 2. The murder occurs during act 1, the detective arrives during act 2, and the guests have their chance to solve the mystery during act 3. At the end of the third act, the actors hand out awards and arrest the killer!

Not interested in a main suspect role? Don’t worry–we only choose guests who are enthusiastic and willing! If you are interested and selected, here’s a rundown:

– Our actors provide an item or two of costuming for you to wear (such as a feather boa or a lab coat)

– Your binder contains everything you need to know about your character, including some clues you’ll provide as a suspect

Our #1 priority is that everyone has fun, so we make sure our chosen suspects have all the tools they need.

If you aren’t chosen as a suspect, there is still plenty for you to do! All guests become sleuths at the scene of the crime. You will look at the evidence and bribe characters for clues to figure out exactly who did it. There is nothing quite like the thrill of having all of the clues suddenly fall into place and seeing the picture clearly. The “A-ha!” moment is absolutely magical.

Sounds fun!! Right??

Theme: Totally 80’s, Totally Murder
Poison Ratenstein is in town for a killer concert, but his fans may be looking for a refund after this twisted tour turns tragic with a murder and a mystery to solve. This radical show could be super lame if no one can solve who was buggin’ so we can all cool out and get the show started! Help the crowd and the detective figure out who ruined this totally tubular night, so everyone can, like, take a chill pill.

Make sure you are dressed with the times for this 80’s murder mystery party or someone may ask you to bag your head! Grab your most righteous ‘80s concert gear to rock out in style while you solve a crime with your friends. Jean jackets and spandex leggings, big hair, bangles, leg warmers, and ripped jeans will be all the rage at this rocking night of mystery.