wedding planning at brown's run

When you weren’t planning your own wedding,  you really thought that the process was going to be a piece of cake. You are the kind of person who loves organizing things. You keep a checklist to make sure that you won’t forget anything at home and at work and you even have a handy calendar that reminds you about the birthdays of people who are close to you. Now that you are dealing with your own wedding checklist, you are probably finding it a little tougher to make it all work out. At Brown’s Run, we can certainly help you with many things on the list but here are a few tips on getting that checklist set up. 

To help you with the checklist, you can go online for downloadable forms or the kinds that you can fill out on the site and print copies later on. These are very helpful because the lists already contain the essential factors and elements that you should pay attention to at this point. You simply have to supply an answer to the space provided. Things like how many guests you intend to invite, their names and your plans for the seating arrangement. The list will also remind you about the different providers that you need to get in touch with.

Most of the checklists that you fill in online have a specific time frame of 18 months. If you need more time or you need something that can help you for a shorter duration, you have to manually adjust, edit and reformat some of its parts. If you are finding it hard to edit, you can use the online checklist as a guide in doing your own version. The online form can help you deal with the things that people tend to forget at such event.

Here are a couple popular online checklists you can start with:

In creating a handy checklist, make sure that you have a calendar with you. You can do this using an Excel or Microsoft Word program on the computer. Or whatever program integrates with your smartphone like Google calendar or iCal. If you do a print off checklist, leave enough space so that when you print the forms, you can still add quick notes to these.

Wedding seatingWhen it comes to providers, there are websites that contain complete databases of the contact details of known companies and individuals offering various wedding services in the Middletown, Ohio area. You will have a choice of where would you want to purchase the flowers, where you intend to hold the reception, (Hopefully you’ll consider Brown’s Run Country Club) what churches are near your area and a lot more factors that are easy to miss if you weren’t being reminded about them.

Wedding planning may appear tricky, especially at times when you are confused about what else needs to be done. This is why it is vital that you have a comprehensive checklist that you can look into as the event draws near. Do you have a favorite wedding planning checklist? Feel free to share in the comments section.