Golf is a strategic game where you do need more than just power. You will need strategy and lots of practice to execute a good golf swing. For beginners, you will need to understand the concept of the game and practice to improve your handicap, lower your score and execute a good swing.

One fun thing about golf is that it’s a game where it is possible to play while doing business at the same time. Many businesses hold “meetings” on the course and/or participate in golf outings. Therefore, learning golf could be helpful to being successful in your business as well as being fun.

If you’re new to golf (and Brown’s Run), this article will give you a brief guide to begin your journey into the sport of golf.

What do you need to play golf?

  • Understanding of the game
  • Proper equipment
  • Patience
  • Practice

Understanding the game

Your goal is to put the ball in the hole. You may ask “Why then do players take so much time on the tee?” Deciding on your strategy and teeing up properly is the best set up for getting your ball to where it needs to go.

The golf course at Brown’s Run has 18 holes, ranging in distance from 100 to 600 yards. The second step in learning a proper swing is increasing your speed, which will give you more distance. This is accomplished through practice. This is where our driving range can become your new best friend.

Brown's Run wide fairwayProper equipment

You need to be comfortable with your golf club. Do you wonder why a golf bag contains numerous golf clubs? This isn’t just to give a caddy a job! In one single round, you will likely need all the different kinds of golf clubs. The types of clubs necessary to play a golf game are the driver, woods, irons, wedges and the putter. All play a particular part in the game and you will need to understand how each of them work.

At this point, let me warn you that many beginners mistakenly purchase costly golf clubs – this is not necessary. You need a golf club that you will be comfortable with, but if you must buy, buy your golf clubs intelligently. That’s a blog for another day though.


You will need fluidity to deliver your swing effectively. If you are angry, frustrated or excited, you will not deliver a swing that will lead to good results. Patience is, therefore, necessary. I promise that if you remain patient, you will get better with time.


There is no overnight success in golf. To execute a perfect swing, you will need to practice. You can benefit from practicing both with and without the ball. Learn to execute the swing perfectly without the ball, then execute it again with the ball – you will likely see a difference. Practice a lot – you will need a lot of repetitions to perform a swing like you see in tournaments.

Hopefully the above guide will help you get started in golf. If you have questions, feel free to stop by the Golf Shop at Brown’s Run for a chat. And remember, the number one reason to play golf is to have fun. See you on the green.