Membership F.A.Q.

Membership F.A.Q.

  1. How are members protected or have playing time privilege advantage better than public play?
    Members can reserve tee times on the tee sheet 14 days in advance, while the public is limited to 3 days advance book.   Brown’s Run reserves Saturday and Sunday mornings tee times until Thursday morning… then tee times for Sat./Sun are open to the public.   Members also receive a 20% discount on items purchased in the ProShop and 10% off all meals from Tavern 56. * * see member perk chart for more member advantages.
  1. Is the initiation fee of $250.00 applied against monthly dues at some point or is it an actual fee? 
    The initiation fee is not credited to monthly dues, it is an actual fee.
  1. Is the initiation fee due at the time the application is submitted?
    The initiation fee is due at the time you submit your application. Along with the first months’ dues.
  1. Will monthly dues will be prorated on the date I join?
    Monthly dues are prorated on the date you join.  If you join after the 15th of the month we will wave the food minimum for that month.      
  1. If I become a member after April 1st when will my membership year end? The annual membership commitment ends March 31st of the following calendar year, no matter what date the membership started.
  1. Is the monthly food minimums forfeited at the end of each month or just at the end of the year?
    The monthly food minimum is forfeited at the end of each month and will be billed on your monthly statement. 
  1. Is the club closed for foodservice in January and February? 
    Our club restaurant Tavern 56 is closed to sit down food service in Jan. and Feb. but we do have Take & Bake dinners available (menu changes weekly). In addition, we offer retail meat and seafood packs from our premier meat provider. The meat and seafood can be shipped anywhere in the US for your convenience.
  1. Are range balls, club care, locker, and handicap included with membership at no charge?
    Yes, range balls, club care, handicap, and Hole In One insurance are included in membership at no charge. **see member perk chart for more member advantages
  1. How many times can an individual be a guest of a Brown’s Run member and pay the member-guest rate? An individual can only play a total of 3 times at the member-guest rate. The member-guest rate is a member perk designed to introduce our Premier Golf Course to golfers who are interested in membership. Following the third round of golf, the guest will be given information on membership or asked to pay public rates.