Lifeguard Training at Brown’s Run

Lifeguard Training at Brown’s Run

Learn how to effectively prevent and respond to water emergencies with the American Red Cross lifeguard training. The courses are designed to arm you with the skills and knowledge to prepare you for a variety of scenarios in and around the water. With lifeguard training, you will learn how quick response times and effective preparation are vital to being a lifeguard while also understanding the crucial elements in helping to prevent drownings and injuries.

Lifeguarding Courses and Prerequisites

The American Red Cross lifeguard training and certification are imperative to the process of getting hired on as an official Red Cross lifeguard. Our detailed training includes both testing of hands-on skills as well as comprehension on written tests. The certification includes First Aid, CPR and AED training, is valid for two years upon completion and is accepted nationwide. The American Red Cross is the most respected source for training and certification of this kind.

Prerequisites for lifeguard training include:

  • Students must be at least 15 years old by the last day of class
  • Students must pass a pre-course swimming skills test prior to taking lifeguarding courses

1. Verification of Age
2. Swim 300 yards (12 laps) continuous swimming front crawl, breast stroke or combination of both.
3. Tread water 2 minutes no hands no stopping.  Head remain out of water.
4. Swim from start of shallow to deep surface dive down retrieve 10 lb brick of bottom of deep end come up swim on back both hands on brick keeping face out of water
back to the shallow end, exit out of pool without using ladders or stairs.
This has to be completed in 1 minute 40 seconds.

The American Red Cross offers the following course options for Lifeguard training:

Lifeguarding: Full Course – $195

This option is for those training for the first time or for those whose certifications have expired. This course is available in traditional, in-person course format (25 hours, 20 minutes) and the Blended Learning course format (19.5 hours in person, 7.5 hours online). The pre-requisites for this course include being 15 years of age and having passed the pre-course swimming skills test.

Review Course – $80

This course is best suited for those with current lifeguarding certification with the Red Cross who simply need to renew. We can only renew Red Cross, not YMCA.

Course is Offered: TBD at Browns Run Swim Club.

*Please Note* A pre-course swimming skills test will be given prior to taking lifeguarding course. The cost is $18, and is nonrefundable, but will be applied to the course fee. Those who do not pass will not continue on with the lifeguarding course.